Temat: ed on a Nigerian adventure, the

ussian-supported terrorists sleeveless tulle prom dresses , a.killings of Ukrainian soldiers, which Amnesty International characterizes as war crimes.Orest Romanish, Toronto.Intelligence missingRe: Will E.Scott Van Wynsberghe, April 8.On one side of the coin in the search for E.lies the assumption that he will be benign, and we are confounded that so far he has made no beneficial contact.But the answer to this riddle is obvious.A quick scan of recent media tells of the kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls by Boko Haram; it tells of the killing of 145 Kenyan students by the group al-Shabab; it describes the slaughter of 1,700 Tikrit cadets by ISIL; and it relates the burning of live persons in the name of a deity.part of the world reacts in a manner typified by partisan exchanges in U.dancing with the stars.It is clear that in his search for signs of intelligent life on Earth, E.has so far, found none.Rick Fuschi, Windsor, Ont.K On Average, April 8.In the attempt to eliminate health-care expenditures on futile end-of-life care, Dr.noting that only about one in four deaths comes unexpectedly.While up to three-quarters of this spending may be wasted, the trouble is we don’t know which three-quarters ex ante.Until then, it is kind of difficult to systematically identify what treatment can be reasonably withheld indeed.Simon Dermer, Toronto.Netanyahu knowsRe: Ayatollah Wants All Sanctions On Iran Lifted, April 10.Iran and the six world powers last week agreed on a framework deal that delayed the lifting of sanctions until certain conditions had been met.In fact, only the Iranians themselves are not to be trusted, as has been shown by undertakings by them in the past.The difference between the six world-power negotiators and their governments, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is that Netanyahu knows the mentality of those with whom he is dealing, having lived, fought and negotiated with Arabs for nearly 50 years.He has seen their bartering and promises come to nothing on countless occasions tulle prom dresses under 100 , whereas the negotiators opposite the Iranians appear to be trusting them and eventually, after much horse-trading, will dangerously give in to Iranian demands.But let’s hope they see the light!Bad occasionRe: Right To Hate, letter to the editor, April 9.An American friend of mine pointed out to me that the Indiana Christian florist had sold flowers to her gay customer for years without a problem.What she refused to do was to provide flowers for his wedding since this went against her belief in God’s design for marriage.I fully support her in that decision.Rick Postma, Brantford, Ont.Futile beliefRe: The Oldest Question In The Universe, letters to the editor, April 7.It was surprising to note that of the 35 letters submitted on this question, only two expressed no such belief.Once-popular free thought is sadly in decline.For centuries, religion has continued to operate under the mask of being pacifist.Its strength is enforcing its dogmas but is far from being pacifist as its proponents like to stress.Just witness the ongoing upheaval and mass murders of populations in the Middle East and Africa because of contrasting faiths.Despite the fact the human intellect has progressed substantially in the last 100 years, many of us still retain this steadfast belief in the fantasy of the powers of supreme gods.Religion stifles reason and freedom of thought, particularly in young minds, and its purpose is futile.Peter Luskin, Little Britain, Ont.The battlegroundRe: Vimy At 100 A Cause For Celebration, April 8.This article on Vimy Ridge and the Ipsos poll confirms how little (30 per cent) of old and new Canadians know about the location and history of Vimy Ridge, while the government of Canada is celebrating its 100th anniversary this April 9-12, 2015, and will put more emphasis on it during Canada’s 150th anniversary in the next two years.The article fails also to give the location of Vimy Ridge, so that more old and new Canadians can learn where it is and why is important to remind ourselves of it and pay our respects to the 3 latest tulle prom dresses ,600 Canadian soldiers killed and 10,600 wounded on this April 12, 2015, anniversary and later during Canada’s 150th anniversary.For the record: The location of Vimy Ridgy is (as per Google, thanks to technology): the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France.The battle: The Canadian Corps of four divisions battled three divisions of the German 6th Army on April 9-12, 1917.Christos Theodorakakis, New Westminster, B.Cause for outrageRe: What Of The Nigerian Schoolgirls?Michael Carin, April 9.that should hang its head in shame.People like Carin simultaneously believe the nations of the free world to be (a) hopelessly immoral and (b) nearly super-human.If we did ignore historical precedent and strategic considerations and embarked on a Nigerian adventure, then millions of people who despise the West as much Carin appears to (for different reasons) would be enraged.and their screams would grow louder once it became clear ( for about the 1000th time in history) that once you’ve delivered a good knockout punch to the bad guys in a foreign land you have to hang around in that foreign land for 50 years or so to make sure the bad guys don’t cause trouble again when they recover.Daniel Gormley, Toronto.Chequebook closedRe: Canada’s Best Kept Secret?letter to the editor, April 9.Letter-writer Reiner Jaakson left one important point out of his letter.from his own personal bank account, for suspended senator Mike Duffy.Prime Minister Stephen Harper would not be privy to Nigel Wright’s personal bank account, anymore than he would be privy to mine, or anybody else’s personal bank account.Our prime minister was blindsided by this cheque.That is the reason why Nigel Wright was fired.Nigel Wright has admitted to this fact, many times over.This is also the reason why our prime minister will not be a witness at Mike Duffy’s trial that is now in progress.Obviously, Jaakson, is not one for letting the facts get in the way of his incomplete.

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