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Street Racers

After sun goes down, street racers come to streets of the city. They are racing each other, taking part in illegal tournaments. There are racer gangs, so called Clubs. Clubs have members-only racing zones. Every club sends their best racers to club zone tournaments to win prizes, money and glory.

Can you beat all racers and become the best Street Racer?

Let's play now!


05-18-2012 New INT3 server

It is multilingual server, there will compete players speaking different languages.

08-23-2009 Get more gems by SMS

Gems now cost less when buying with SMS

08-03-2009 INT2 server is open!

Register now and start playing.

07-27-2009 Game update

New cars and parts was added to the game.

06-18-2009 Double gem week

All week (June 18-25) you will get double amount of gems for the same price!
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